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We were born to make it snappy.

About Us

Formed in 2018, Pixelhashing is a product and IT service company serving clients across the globe – India, UAE and USA. We deal into the complex problems in the most simplest way through cutting edge solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Having best designers and developers sitting in India and UAE makes our company way better then any other IT company out there. Pixelhasing was formed with 2 people in the starting now we are more then 12 people in the team who work together to give our clients better and high quality services.

We help you to realize your vision for your projects. Our company is a rare synergy between creativity, knowledge, effort, proficiency and an excellent business acumen. We have and we will continue to demonstrate our responsibility in delivering finest solutions through are tech expertise and business intelligence solutions. We realize the importance of nurturing relationships that’s why we provide various different services and products that fit in to your needs.

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Honest Advice

Our staff are seasoned web professionals. With specialist designers and developers, we’re always on hand to give you valuable advice.


Great Communication

Our flexible team ensures direct contact with designers & developers working on your project all of the way through the process and keep you updated with every single step.



When we give you a price for a project, that’s what it will cost. No hidden extras, or unseen costs. We’re great value for money too.


Results & Support

It’s All About Results We make sure that you get best results. And our team is always available to support your success.


Protein Shakes

We’re still actually waiting for the client who pays us with a lifetime subscription to free Protein Shakes. we also accept payment in Casein.

Our Work

A complete website from concept to implementation, that's what makes me stand out. My great sense for design and my development skills enable me to create kick-ass projects.

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We're a tight-knit group of passionate designers and developers, driven to create the best experiences for our clients.

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